Toni Sidgwick is a singer-songwriter originally from the beautiful Shetland Islands, now based in County Durham. 

Since starting out busking on the streets of Edinburgh she has been lucky enough to support some top artists including, Newton Faulkner, Chris Helme, Mark Morriss and Maz O'Connor as well as performing at the award winning Shetland Folk Festival. Influenced by artists such as Ben Howard, London Grammar and Bruce Springsteen along with various experiences have helped to hone her Indie/Folk/Pop style.

In 2016 she was named UBeat TV's Traditional Act of the year, and 2017 has seen her appear on BBC Tees Introducing, release her EP, Lions, and make her debut performance at the O2 Academy Newcastle in an exciting year of musical discovery.

Toni is hitting the studio this month, keep an eye out for some new music in 2019!


"“Try” is etched with bittersweet melodies and enthralling acoustic tunes. This relatively quiet and reticent track contains a lovely melody that with Sidgwick’s vocals simply accompanied by the acoustic guitar makes for a very dynamic combination. Overlapping combined vocal harmonies near the end of the song gives off an overpoweringly happening vibe. 

The indie singer-songwriter manages to concoct something really authentic with this brand new single. An aesthetically pleasing piece of work, the emotionally-tinged lyrics and ethereal vocals really stands apart as a unique composition.

With a stripped down sense to the sound, Sidgwick proves that simplicity is key when it comes to music that moves. 8/10". WithGuitars

"You will find  Toni Sidgwick in the realm of indie folk, americana, and singer songwriter music.  Tender, delicate, resolute, and vulnerable are merely a few adjectives which best describe the timbre of her voice and the malleability of her melodies. There’s a simplicity to her latest single Try.  Yet it also sophisticatedly builds quite gradually into an emotive and honest expression of life.  There is something quite unique and intangible about her music." This is Not the Radio

"...I surely don’t expect something that reminds me of that type of soulful voice of a Tracy Chapman, or in this case one of my favorite female vocalists of all time, Skye Edwards (Morcheeba). This isn’t to say that Toni sound like either of these women, but there’s a certain soul to her voice that brings both of these soulful crooners to mind. In her latest track, “Try”, Toni Sidgwick has me on her hook." NMM Soundbites

Exclusive of Try: "a delicate, lovely, and bittersweet indie-folk track by an absolutely brilliant songwriter from Shetland" - Songwriting Magazine

Try: "if this single is anything to go by we're lucky to have her in the north-east because it's the kind of beautiful pop/folk that lifts me to the clouds. Utilising a simple but effective arrangement - featuring guitar, brushed drums, piano and the odd hand clap - the song pitches Sidgwick's pure as mountain snow vocals up front and centre for a tune that exudes real class - The Crack Magazine. 

Try Video Exclusive: "Her earthy internal monologues pull from internal and external worlds to craft a brand of ethereal folk that is simply impossible to pigeonhole. Crossroads-era Tracey Chapman might be her likeliest bedfellow, screaming authenticity by noodling across the fretboard, imbuing her compositions with a similar intangible sense of place, time and feeling. - No Depression

"... swiftly followed by a vocal  that had my brain juggling between Ane Bruns Live In Scandanavia Album and Tracy Chapman, neither an effort to listen to. They are the type of artists whose albums you want to play all the way through.....and then play again, and Toni sits comfortably but freshly alongside." - Runnin On Empty, Eargasm Review

"Her latest offering is crisp and concise, flourishing into thumping bass and drums in the chorus. Sidgwick's writing continues to impress and the influence of Ben Howard is clear in the textures, colours and harmonies as the track grows..." - Adam Guest, The Shetland Times

"Last year she won UbeatTV's Traditional Act of the Year 2016 and it is clear as to why, as her folk/pop with percussive guitar style approach really makes you stop and listen. For examply, 'Frankie Oh'... includes stunning vocals and meaningful lyrics along with a unique style of guitar picking that really pulls you into the song. Her style somewhat reminds me of The Beautiful South..." - Steph Clayton, NE Volume Magazine (live gig review)

"Fourth track "Lions" is a worthy stand out track that grows and changes as it moves along keeping the listener wondering what's coming next, and as it marches towards the end it almost has an anthem type vibe." - Runnin On Empty, Eargasm Review

"Lions is an E.P. with so much going for it. In terms of emotions and physicality; one gets involve and instantly bonds with the material... What we get is a remarkable work that can rival some of the best E.P.s of the year."

"With Sidgwick, she has that stunning and commanding voice but puts together dreaminess, rouse and spirit into her E.P. It shouldn’t all hang together but it does, rather marvellously."

"Carry My Heart - 9.3/10 - still rattling in my mind – gets you when you first listen (its catchiness and energy) but, the more you listen to it, the deeper you go. The lyrics start to reveal secrets but one never gets every piece of the puzzle. That is a sign of a great song and one you will return to time and time again."

- Sam Liddicott, Musicmusingsandsuch Review